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Important information about this site

Your doctor has talked to you about taking Clarus® (Isotretinoin Capsules USP) to help get rid of your acne. Before your next appointment with your doctor:

  • Read the Information for Consumer that comes with your prescription for Clarus
    • You will learn how to take Clarus, its common side effects and important safety information about Clarus
  • Read this website fully, and make sure you understand the information. If you have questions, talk to your doctor.
    • If you wish to print the information on this site, you cant go the section of the site called “ A Guide For Patients” and print all of the information on this web-site to discuss with your doctor.
  • If you're female, carefully read through the Pregnancy prevention section of this site
    • You must talk to your doctor about using birth control while taking Clarus
    • Choose two effective forms of birth control that you will use together
  • Write down your questions
    • If you have any questions about taking Clarus, be sure to discuss them with your doctor at your next appointment
  • Read and sign the Informed Consent Form included in the CLEARTM Plan Package
    • Your doctor will give you this, if you do not already have it.
    • If you are a female, you must read and sign Part I and Part II of the form
    • If you are male, you must read and sign Part I of the form
    • If you are under the age of 16, one of your parents or your guardian must read and sign the document(s) for you.
  • Give one copy of your signed Informed Consent For to your doctor
    • Your doctor must keep a signed copy of the Informed Consent Form in your medical file
    • You should keep the other copy of your signed Informed Consent Form

Pregnancy Prevention

Important Information about Prevention while taking Clarus Click Here.

A Guide For Patients

All the information you need about your medicine in a handy booklet.
Download PDF here

Birth Control Information

For more information about birth control or for confidential counselling call the toll-free number at 1-877-776-7711