CLEAR® Program Overview

The following is a summary of resources available through the CLEAR Program and how they are intended to be utilized prior to therapy initiation.

  1. Physician reads and understands all components of the CLEAR Program, including the Patient Website (or Patient Guide) and HCP Resources
  2. Physician counsels patient on risks and responsibilities before, during and after CLARUS treatment (use the Patient Monitoring Chart as a guide)
  3. Female patient and physician together complete pregnancy prevention checklist form (use the CLEAR flowchart as a visual counselling tool)
  4. Female patient has received confidential contraception counselling from a healthcare professional
  5. Physician and patient have reviewed Psychiatric Screening Checklist
  6. Patient has read through CLARUS CLEAR Program website or guide
  7. Patient has reviewed, understood and signed the Information/Consent/Agreement
  8. Therapy initiation
  9. Ongoing monthly monitoring and counselling with use of reminder slips for female patients and patient monitoring chart as a guide

CLARUS Patient Guide

Download PDF here

CLARUS Product Monograph

Download PDF here